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Sloneek - Software Development Kosice Slovakia


Human Resource & Process Management Project
Sloneek is a cloud based application suite that provides a full control of corporate attendance, vacancies management, meal vouchers, registration of assets used by employees, and more.

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Gearcrator - Software Development Kosice Slovakia


Industry 4.0 Engineering Project
3D modeling in a web browser for the purpose of picking and ordering a production line to measure. Management of customers, third distribution companies and components and services added to the portal.

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MediaCorp - Software Development Kosice Slovakia


Real Estate Visualisation Project
Mediacorp offers you the best quality of photography, video, 3D matterport and drone for property, real estate, house, office etc.. Order your professional report in a few clicks then download your media online within 24 hours.

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Hakoo - Software Development Kosice Slovakia


Innovative Camera Security Project
Innovative approach to camera security. Cameras can be assigned to zones, assigned to missions that define the purpose of the camera, they can be defined the exact times when the cameras are to be monitored by hypervisors.

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Agent Balance - Software Development Kosice Slovakia

Agent Balance

Analytical SaaS for Customer Services
AgentBalance helps you understand your employees and customers. AgentBalance delivers a unique set of parameters about your employees. Let’s correlate these parameters with any performance metric or custom external data.

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Pop Valet - Software Development Kosice Slovakia

Pop Valet

Open Economy Cars Project
Pop Valet is an open economy platform that addresses the movement of vehicles on demand by implementing innovative solutions. In 24 hours, we will pick up the vehicle and deliver it to the garage, on the way back we can refuel or wash it.

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Kinomap - Software Development Kosice Slovakia


Sport App with Real-life Footage
The popular app is taking the next step to provide sport participants with a platform that will combine kilometers of real-life footage to train indoors as if they were outside, coaching content, multiplayer sessions, official indoor races and more.

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