We are a Digital Hub

We embrace change and are constantly evolving. We push and elevate each other
with the shared goal of doing awesome work. We take pride in the quality
of our work and put our hearts into everything we do.

Our core values

Our culture

1Radical Freedom
Your workflow, your time zone, your style. A work ethic based on mutual respect and common software development goals.
2Meaningful Software Projects
We don't take just any project. We need to see the real value and professionalism behind everything we do in software development.
3Gradual Growth
The company grows gradually, as all our colleagues do, and pushes the boundaries of what we can achieve in software development together.
4Inspiration and Knowledge
All of our engineers are university graduates. We actively encourage the atmosphere of inspiration and software development knowledge sharing.
5No BS Zone
The whole company is one big No BS Zone. Doors are open, conversations straight and clear, challenges approached directly in software development.


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